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Red and Pink Crystals

Red and pink crystals are associated with unconditional love and passion. Linked with the heart and sacral chakras, stones that are red and pink tap into your strongest emotions and help ground you while working through powerful feelings. Pink stones hold a softly flowing energy that is good for prolonged use (in often-worn jewelry, for example). Its energy is always calming, gentle, and accommodating. Red crystals, on the other hand, can be intense to work with, as they stir up passion and assertiveness, and can give the person working with it a sense of needing to initiate action. Red crystals are ideal stones to use when working to heighten low libido. Combined with a pink stone like rose quartz, they can work together to kindle intense feelings of love and desire.
Giant Rose Quartz Tower
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Natural Fire Quartz Point
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Pink Halite
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Rose Quartz Sphere
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