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Blue Crystals

Blue is the most popular favorite color around the world, and its easy to see why - you'd have a hard time finding anyone who didn't appreciate the celestial blue of the sky or the cerulean tones of the ocean. As much as Earth is considered the "blue planet," naturally occurring blue pigments are rare. In ancient times, lapis lazuli stones were inlaid or crushed to make ultramarine pigments.

Traditionally, blue has been associated with faithfulness, truth, and excellence. It can also represent vastness, tranquility, or the celestial realm. In the world of crystals, blue is associated with the throat chakra, which helps us express ourselves and speak truth. Blue is said to stimulate intuition, and instill a profound sense of peace.

Amethyst Agate Moon
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Labradorite Heart Palm Stone
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Labradorite Sphere
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Blue Druzy Chalcedony
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